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The Lady Who Eats Roofing Nails:

This is a Book series about a woman trapped in an office who deals with hundreds of people on daily basis. She is from a customer service department. Dealing lots of people with same queries makes it frustrating. People see her as a gruff but she has a secret side which can be seen in this book.

 The Lady Who Eats Roofing Nails Tends to Her Garden:

This Book is about the main character of “The lady who eats roofing nails” series. It is a comical book where she makes a discovery. It is beautifully portrayed journey with the interesting illustrations. If you want to sit ,relax and laugh !This is the best pick for you.

 The Lady Who Eats Roofing Nails Snow Day:

This Book depicts the joy when the lady who etas roofing nails enjoys a snow day where no friend is around. It displays the vibrant graphics and humor. It is a fun book to read, relax and see the interesting journey of a lady.

The Lady Who Eats Roofing Nails Goes to Town Fair:

This Book tells an interesting story where the lady has vanished from the hassle of daily life. She finds a fun town far away from the city where she enjoys the fair. This book depicts the different side of the main character of the book which will glue readers to this book.

The Lady Who Eats Roofing Nails Goes On Vacation:

This Book is a comical story where the Lady who eats Roofing nails realizes the importance of a vacation. She realizes that she needs a break from the rat race of day to day life. It is an interesting illustration of a story with a tint of humor.

The Lady Who Eats Roofing Nails Random Activity and Coloring Book.

This Coloring book is packed with interesting sketches and random games. It also makes a perfect gift for kids that love funky sketches. No more trying to figure out what the kids will do next, it’s all here.

The Lady Who Eats Roofing Nails Vacation (Volume 1)

The Lady Who Eats Roofing Nails goes home to her home land where she was raised as a child.

The Lady That Eats Roofing Nails Garden (Volume 1)

A woman walks through her garden to find a surprise.