I am Janice Frederick – superwoman with an invisible cape. I like to help people mainly by being a good listener and friend.  My close friends call me Janny Bananay.

Welcome to my new website!!

I live in the city of Valentine’s “Worcester, Massachusetts”.  I am a maintenance technician who loves sketching thoughts with a palette of colors. I believe in the power of illustrations. At work there is a white drawing board. I draw on the board with cartoons and humor for all to see!  I have a deep affection for animals. I would pet all the cats in the world  if I could. I like dogs as well, as a kid I had a German Shepherd named Major, he was my best pal! 

Currently I am done working on the series of “The Lady who eats roofing nails” which is inspired from one of my friends. She is a bit gruff but she has a secret side and this gives my books an interesting twist.

“Do not use an eraser when you draw. If you make a mistake, turn it into something else,”

              “To be an artist is to believe in life”

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