Happy New Year

The author Janice Frederick hopes everyone has a healthy and happy 2019! Welcome new guests and repeat visitors! New and exciting news The Lady Who Eats Roofing Nails Series has begun a nationwide advertising campaign. This children’s book series offers a gentle and humorous glimpse at the life of no other than The Lady Who Eats Roofing Nails. An office worker who by day seems gruff but in her daily life she has a secret sweet side. Also enjoy the coloring activity book in this six part series sold  Amazon.com   

Click the photo to see the books! Print and Kindle available! 


Several Hundred Books

Some of you were among the recipients of the demo books. Hot off the press limited author editions signed by Janice Frederick. Hopefully if you were satisfied with your gift you are giving the gift of word of mouth. Spreading the news of these delightful children’s books.

The mission here is simple. Keep books in the hands of all children from all walks of life. If your in need of books for a charity or school please feel free to contact and discuss pricing options and direct sales quotes.


Book Series

Welcome to The Lady Who Eats Roofing Nails page. Alexa and Google home apps acknowledge the book series!! Very exciting news!

Comments or questions about the books? Are you looking a talented,well respected author or illustrator?

Janice the author illustrator of The Lady Who Eats Roofing Nails  can help you with your next idea or project.


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